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1 Abdul Rahman, Ansari Saleh Ahmar, “IT-based Tools for Development of Teaching Materials“  1-4
2 Abd. Wahidin Nuayi, Yoseph Paramata, Astin Lukum,”Description of the Implementation Supervision of Learning Science at Elementary School in Gorontalo Province 5-10
3 Ahmad Zaki,”Model of Transfer Function In Series Time Analysis to Predict Rainfall “  11-16
4 Diky Setya Diningrat, Martina Restuati, Nanda Pratiwi, Nisfa Hanim, Nurmayani,”Bioactive Compounds In Buasbuas (Premna pubescens. Blume) Shoots With Proteomic Approaches Using GC-MS 17-19
5 Aliyah Fahmi,”Antioxidant And Antibacterial Activity Tests Of Dragon Scales Leaves Crude Methanol Extracts (( Drymoglossum piloselloides (L.) Presl)) 20-27
6 Anna Juniar, Nursaniah Gultom, Pravil Mistryanto,”Development of project based learning substances On topic solubility and solubility product in senior high school 28-34
7 Ansari Saleh Ahmar,”Predicting Movement of Stock of Apple Inc. using Sutte Indicator 35-38
8 Arif Sardi,”Isolation and Characterization of Exoglucanase Gene Bacillus sp. RP1 for Application in Bioethanol Industry 39-45
9 Astin Lukum, Asda Rauf, Arfiani Rizki Paramata, Muhammad Arif M Arsyad, Deasi N. Botutihe,”Characterization Of Chitosan Fromthe Waste Of Shrimp's Shell: Potential As Metal Adsorbents 46-51
10 Ayu Nirmala,”Filtrates of Curcuma domestica and Fruit Peel of Syzygium cumini as an Alternative Colourant for Bone Preparations 52-55
11 Dyah Agustina, Sevy Dwi Kartikasari, Sri Nurhatika, Anton Muhibuddin, Tini Surtiningsih, Yosephine Sri Wulan Manuhara, Achmad Arifiyanto,”Ethanol production through Zymomonas mobilis fermentation in cogongrass cellulose substrate hydrolyzed by Penicillium sp. T1.2 56-64
12 Enos Taruhand Mursalin,”The Development of Authentic Assesment Tools in Physics Science Learning 65-72
13 Fida Rachmadiarti, Ahmad Bashri, Eva Kristinawati Putri, Yuliani, Tarzan Purnomo,”Optimization Cutting Stock One Dimensions On Industry A Wooden Beam Cutting With Use Method Column Generation Technique”  73-79
14 Gulmah Sugiharti, Mariana Br Sinaga,"The Effect of  Model Learning By Using Media And Mathematical Ability With The Learning Outcome of Students  In Material Solubility And Solubility Product" 80-84
15 Hafni Indriati Nasution, Ratna Sari Dewi, Primajogi Hasibuan,"Making Ethanol From Elephant Grass (Pennisetum Purpureum Schumach) Using Acid Hydrolysis And Fermentation Method By Saccharomyces cerevisiae" 85-91
16 Hudson Sidabutar,"Teacahing Material Development Natural Science Basis (IAD) with Computer Basic  Learning Media" 92-96
17 Ida Duma Riris, Martina Asiati Napitupulu,"The separation of Raru (Vatica pauciflora Blume) Bark Ethanol Extracts which has α-Glucosidase inhibitor (In Vitro) using the chromatography column" 97-106
18 Jumi Handayani, Retno Dwi Suyanti, Ayi Darmana,"Implementation  Of Problem Based Learning (Pbl) Model To Critical Thinking Skills And Outcomes For Student On Rate Reaction Material" 107-111
19 Kartini Edni, Manihar Situmorang, Simson Tarigan,"The Development of Innovative Teaching Materials Based on  Multimedia to Improve Student Learning Outcomes of Solubility and Solubility Product Materials" 112-116
20 Latisma Dj,"Analysis of  Students’ Understanding in Learning Chemistry  about Solubility" 117-123
21 Marlina, Sitti S, Ani S,"Polyurethane Membrane Properties Based On Treatment And Its Composition" 124-129
22 Martina Restuati, Herbert Sipahutar, Diky Setya Diningrat, Nisfa Hanim,"The Effect Of  Ethanolic Extract of  Buasbuas Leaves (Premna pubescens. Blume) On  Blood Glucose Levels  Decrease and Histology of The Pancreas in  White Male  Rats (Rattus norvegicus)  That  Induced Alloxan" 130-135
23 Mohd Sazali Khalid,"Effective Strategies in Learning Mathematics for Pre-service Students and Teachers" 136-142
24 Motlan, Karya Sinulingga, Henok Siagian,"Inquiry And Blended Learning Based Learning Material Development For Improving Student Achievement On General Physics I Of Mathematics And Natural Science Of State University Of Medan Of Academic" 143-147
25 Mursalin,"The Implementation of Learning Cycle in Fundamental Physics Lecture to Improve Comprehensionof Concept and Science Process Skills Prospective teacher of Physics" 148-153
26 Nerli Khairani, Ramlah Hidayat,"Optimization Cutting Stock One Dimensions On Industry A Wooden Beam Cutting With Use Method Column Generation Technique" 154-158
27 Nurfajriani, Lenny SL Siahaan,”The Variations Effect Of Fermentation Time In Making Bioethanol From Banana (Musa Paradisiaca) Underground Stem Waste 159-161
28 Rabeta Mohd Salleh,”Antioxidant and Anti-Cancer Properties of Underutilized Fruits and Herbs in Kuala Kurau, Perak, Malaysia 162-168
29 Rahmatsyah, Rita Juliani, Nusyirwan, Heryanto Sihite, Hengki Sembiring,”Analysis Of Heavy Metal in Panjang Island Central Tapanuli Population Zone 169-173
30 Reni Silvia Nasution,”Comparison Mechanical Properties of Composites Polymer from Polypropylene with Various Sources α-Cellulose as Fillers 174-176
31 Sondang R Manurung, Deo Demonta Panggabean,”Development Of Learning Tool Of Physics Based On Interactive Multimedia Charged On "Problem Solving" (Mmi-Ps) To Increase Problem Solving Ability For Prospective Teachers”  177-180
32 Syafari, Muhammad,”Fostering Students’ Activities And Learnig Outcomesthrough The Implementation Of Think Talk Write Strategy 181-185
33 Syafrina Sari Lubis,”Antimicrobial Activity of Marine Bacteria Extract from The Coastal Area of Serdang Bedagai North Sumatera 186-192
34 Syamsuardi, Jamsari, Dewi Pohan,”Gene Flow and Genetic Diversity In Endangered Plant Population, Morus Macrouna Miq. In West Sumatra 193-198
35 Tedy Machmud,”The Development of Active Learning Approach on Mathematics Subject Integrated with Character Education in Junior High School 199-202
36 Togi,”Development Of A Global Method Of Settlement Problems Of Stochastic Using Chopped Mix Nonlinear Stochastic Program Models 203-212
37 Wahyu Surakusumah, Hertien Soertikanti Koesbandiah, Tina Safaria Nilawati,”Feasibility Study Of Cilaja River As Learning Sources for Freshwater Biology CourseTo Improve Science Process Skills 213-217
38 Wahyu Surakusumah, Tina Safaria Nilawati, Nelly Wulansari,”Effect Addition Of Coconut Fiberoneffectiveness Chromium(Cr)Phytoremediation In Tannery Solid Waste Using Alocasiamacrorrhiza 218-221
39 Yuri C Sagala, Susiana,”L(2,1)-labeling of Complete Multipartite Graphs 222-225
40 Zonalia Fitriza, Fauzana Gazali,”The Efectivity Of Using Learning Social Media Edmodo For Remedial Program In The Topic Chemical Nomenclature 226-230
41 Zulaini, Doris Apriani Ritonga,”Survey Of The Speed Reading On Sport Science Student In State University Of Medan 231-235
42 Tiur Malasari Siregar, Nurhasanah Siregar,”Enhancing Students Critical Thinking Skills Trhrough Eliciting Model In Euclidean Geometry 236-239
43 Asrin Lubis, Andrea Arifsyah Nasution,”Overcoming Students’ Difficulties through Technology: A Theoretical Review 240-244
44 Ani Sutiani, Ary Anggota Wibowo,”The Innovation Of Guided Inquiry-Problem Based Learning Model (I-PBL) With The Combination of Virtual Media and Real Laboratoty on Acid Based Titration Topic Toward Student Character and Learning Outcome Improvement 245-249
45 Eva Marlina Ginting, Sri Wahyuni Batubara, Nurdin  Bukit, Erna Frida,"Morphology And Conductivity  Film In Polyaniline Doped Zno" 250-256