Inner Cover

KS01 Bioactivity properties of fingerroot [Boesenbergia rotunda(L.) Mansf. A]
extract and panduratin A, a compound isolated from the rhizome of
fingerroot and its applications.
Yaya Rukayadi
Janchai Yingoprayon
KS03 The Contribution of Science Process Skills to build Multiple Intelligence.
Corrienna Abdul Talib
BS01 Dormancy Breaking of Red Bean Seeds (Vigna angularis) With Hot
Water, Cold Water and H2SO4 Treatment

Asmariati purba, Pebri Haloho, and Fauziyah Harahap
BS02 The Effect Of Ethanol Extract Of Plectranthusamboinicus (Lour.) Spreng
As Preventive And Curatifto Toxic Effect Of Rhodamine B To Body Weight
And Liver Weight Of Rats ( Rattus norvegicus)

MelvaSilitonga and Yohana Marizsa Purba
BS03 Influence 2,4-D (Diclorophenoxy Acetic Acid) And Bap (Benzyl Amino
Purine) To Callus Induction On Rice Plants Fields

Syahmi Edi
CS01 Study Of Rubber Seed Oil Into Biodiesel Fraction With Heterogen Acid Catalyst
Ahmad Nasir Pulungan, Junifa Layla Sihombing, Hafni Indriati Nasution,
Dewi Syafriani, and Ary Anggara Wibowo
CS02 Preclinical Antipyretic Activity Test Of Aquaeous Extract Of African Leaf
(Vernonia Amygdalina Del)

Debi Meilani and Nadroh Sitepu
CS03 Antimicrobial Activity Methanol Extract Of In Vitro Plantlets Of Curcuma
Xanthorrhiza Roxb. And Zingiber Aromaticum Vahl.

Melati Yulia Kusumastuti, Chan Lai Keng, and Gunawan Indrayanto
CS04 Tamarillo In North Sumatera: Nutrient Content
Nora Susanti, Tumiur Gultom, Freddy Tua Musa Panggabean, Marzuki
Sinambela, and Seri Mawarni
MS01 Forward Cliquet Option For Guaranteed Index-Linked Life Insurance
Eri Widyastuti
PS01 Preparation And Characterization Of Composite Particle Board From
Coconut Shell Powder With Binder Hdpe Recycling With Mechanical
Testing Abstract

Irfandi, Win Syahputra Ritonga, Muhammad Aswin Rangkuti
SE01 Analyses Ofmathematical Problemsolving Ability Of Public Junior High
School Students

Ani Minarni
SE02 The Effect Model Problem Based Learning (Pbl) Powerpoint Media
Using The Results Student Learning On The Cost Of
Discussion Redox Reactions In Class X

Bajoka Nainggolan, Kristedi Barus
SE03 The Effect Of Guided Inquiry Learning Model Towards The Outcome Of
Student Learning

Betty Marisi Turnip and Purnama Mariati Simanjuntak
SE04 Comparison Of Student Learning Achievement And Activity Between
Concept Attainment Model With And Without Flashcards On The Topic
Of Cell Division In Grade Xii Ipa Sma Swasta Rakyat
Pancurbatu Academic Year 2013/2014

Dian A. E. P. Sembiring and Martina Napitupulu
SE05 Analyse The Pedagogik Competancy Of Science’s Teacher Post
Sertification At Smp Negeri 1 Beringin Regency Deliserdang Study Year

Fitriana Siregar, Tri Harsono
SE06 The Application Of Concept Mapping To Increase The Mathematics
Student Achievement In Stoichometry

Freddy Tua Musa Panggabean, Nora Susanti, Rahmat Nauli, And Lisnawaty
SE07 Influence Of Giving Task On The Learning Model Course Review Horray To Responsibility And Result Of Student On The Study Chemistry Of Colligative Solution
In The Senior High ScholL

Gulmah Sugiharti and Syahwina Mahreni Siagian
SE08 The Comparison Of Students’ Learning Achievement Taught By
Using Cooperative Learning Type Group Investigation And Student
Teams Achievement Division In Class X Of Sma Josua Medan On
The Subject Matter Of Environmental Pollution In 2012/2013

Latifah Nasution and Cicik Suryani
SE09 Application Of The Interactive Approach In Improving Learning Process
Biology Class Xi Sman 1 Gunungsitoli

Natalia Kristiani Lase
SE10 Cooperative Learning Model Application Type Tgt (Team Game
Tournament) Improvement In Results And Activitiesin Learning Student
Learning Biology Ipa In Class Vii Smp N 38 Districtfield Marelan T.P.

Nila Zusmita Wasni
SE11 Learning Generative Model Application To Improve Primary School
Grade V Student’s Learning Motivation

Paramita M. Simamora, Naeklan Simbolon
SE12 Improvement Of Student’ Learning Motivation Of Natural Sciences (Ipa)
Through Cooperative Learning Model Type Student Team Achievement
Division (Stad) In Smpn 4 Padangsidimpuan

Putri Leo Martin, Iskandar Safri, Muhammad Darwis, Fauziah Harahap
SE13 Comparison Between Students Learning Outcomes Chemistry Taught
By Problem-Based Learning And Cooperatives Type Of Think-Pair- Share By Using Macromedia Flas
Ratu Evina Dibyantini and Imam Deli Irawan
SE14 The Influence Of Problem Based Learning Model Based On
Collaborativ Toward Student’s Achievement In Chemistry

Retno Dwi Suyanti and Jori Joshua
SE15 The Application Of Learning Model Student Facilitator & Explaining For
Improving Study Result In Material Sub Of Excretion System For
Human In Class Of Xi Ipa 2 Sma Negeri 1 Hinai Education Year 2012/ 2013

Sailana Mira Rangkuty
SE16 The Improvement Of Students’ Learning Outcome With The Implementation Of Problem-Based Experiment Model Of Electrical Circuitson Subject Of Direct Current
Sehat Simatupang, Togi Tampubolon, Mariati Purnama Simanjuntak
SE17 Improvement Of Problem Solving Ability In Kinematics Through Learning Model Based On Problem Solving Pedagogy
Sondang R Manurung, Nuryani Y Rustaman, Aloysius Rusli, and Nelson
SE18 The Effect Of Blended Learning Strategy To Mathematical Problem
Solving Ability: State University Of Medan Case

SE19 The Difference Of Problem – Based Learning Model And Cooperative Type Ofthink – Pair – Share Toward
Students’ Mathematicsachievement On Topic Of Statistics In Grade Xi Sma Negeri 2 Balige

Syafari and Yohannes
SE20 An Analysis On Biology Education Students’ Misconceptions On Circulatory And Respiratory System In Faculty Of Mathematics And Natural Sciences State University Of Medan.
Syahriani, Hasruddin
SE21 The Comparison Of Student’s Learning Achievement Using The Model Of Cooperative Learning Type Stad ( Student Team Achievement) Division Andnht( Numbered Head Together) Grade Xi Ipa Students In Sma Negeri 1 Lubukpakam
Syahriani, Meida Nugrahalia
SE22 Effect Of Learning Culture And Learning Motivation Toward Learning Outcomes Of Chemistry Students
Wesly Hutabarat
SE23 Efforts To Improve Math Learning Student Activities By Cooperative Learning Model Of Student Teams Achievement Division In The Topic Cube And Beam In Class Viii Junior High School
Yasifati Hia
SE24 Designing Student Worksheet For Problem Solving Task That Enhannce Student’s Reasoning Ability And Conceptual Understanding
Muliawan Firdaus